Nowadays a broad and further growing range of implantable medical devices are increasing peoples lifetime quality.

The problem: Capsule Contraction.

Implantable devices, regardless from function, location or surface material, induce the formation in our body of a hard, fibrotic capsule (see picture from Pittet et al 2005, fibrotic capsule wrapping a breast implant). The capsule, with time, contracts affecting the function of the device and causing pain to the patients. This stage is the beginning of a vicious circle: additional surgical operations are required, inducing more scarring and having high rate of complications. Although this problem is increasing across all fields of medicine, no effective strategy is clinically available to prevent capsular contraction and scar formation.


labseed solution: MYcoat

labseed invented the first solution which completely suppresses the formation of fibrous tissue around all kinds of implantable devices: MYcoat.

MYcoat doesn’t use foreign to the body materials,
MYcoat is 100% made of proteins.

MYcoat doesn’t cause any negative side effects,
MYcoat will be natural part of the body.

MYcoat isn’t restricted to certain implants,
MYcoat can be used for all implantable devices.

MYcoat doesn’t interfere with the implant production chain,
MYcoat can be applied at any stage.

MYcoat doesn’t treat symptoms,
MYcoat completely avoids capsular contracture.


Fields of application:

(1) silicone gastric bands

(2) dental implants 

(3) orthopaedic implants

(4) implantable pumps (insulin and pain control pumps)

(5) post surgical adhesions

(6) wound & nerve healing & regeneration.




  • Venture 2010
    Business Idea: One of the 10 Business Ideas from a total of 205 submission
    Business Plan: 6th Prize from a total 142 submission
  • Labseed Awarded Venture leaders 2010 (Boston,  June 2010)
  • Winner of IMD Start-up competition winners (Silicon Valley,  September 2010
  • CTI Start-up stage III
  • CTI Discovery Funds (July 2009)
  • Labseed Awarded Venture Kick Stage I, II and III (2008 and 2009)