We believe in research preparing innovative treatments.
We believe in high technology creating novel biological concepts.
We believe in medical inventions enhancing peoples life.

We never think of „if“, but „how“.
We imagine anything is possible.
We plant ideas prospering into solutions.

This is labseed. Advanced Medical Engineering.




  • Venture 2010
    Business Idea: One of the 10 Business Ideas from a total of 205 submission
    Business Plan: 6th Prize from a total 142 submission
  • Labseed Awarded Venture leaders 2010 (Boston,  June 2010)
  • Winner of IMD Start-up competition winners (Silicon Valley,  September 2010
  • CTI Start-up stage III
  • CTI Discovery Funds (July 2009)
  • Labseed Awarded Venture Kick Stage I, II and III (2008 and 2009)